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Scaffold Designs in 3D

in conjunction with Tubular Techniques

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Suspended Scaffolds
We have provided schemes to several suspended access schemes to road, pedestrian and dock bridges to allow works to be conducted to the soffit of the existing or new bridge works

Southwark Bridge

We had to provide a scheme that provided access to the soffit and sides of the curved bridge for repair works and this had to be cantilevered from the footpaths and hung from the steels of the bridge. The deck had to be curved and fitted with plywood to prevent debris falling into the River Thames.

Shoreham Footbridge

The existing concrete footbridge had reached the end of its lift and was to be replaced with a new structure.The client required access to the new steelwork for formation of the concrete deck and this was formed with beams fixed and cantilevered from the steel structure. The beams where initially fixed on a barge and taken with the steels to the bridge location for each span. We also provided a scheme to the central span which rotates to allow access by vessels to the river.

East Farleigh Sluice Bridge

The client needed to repair and restore the steelwork to the sluice bridge and we provided a bridged scaffold to allow access to the roof and sides of the bridge frame.