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Scaffold Designs in 3D

in conjunction with Tubular Techniques

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Useful Links

The following can provide useful sites and information for scaffolding and other matters related to the scaffolding industy.

Click on the image in the second column to go directly to the site.

Link Logo
Health and Safety Executive
This is a good site for information on all matters of Health and Safety information.
Either click HSE logo, or use the link below to see when it is recommended to get a scaffold designed.
NASCNational Access and Scaffolding Confederation
This is the main industry board for scaffolding in the UK. They publish the main guidance document to be used with tube and fitting scaffold in the UK TG20:13.
Scaffolders Forum | Scaffold Tools | Scaffolding Jobs and CoursesScaffolders Forum
Scaffold Designers are proud to be one of the original sponsors of this website. It can provide a good forum for discussion of matters in the industry and to contact others and suppliers.