Scaffold Designs in 3D in conjunction with Tubular Techniques

To see some of the major and minor projects we have undertaken over the past 5 years click on the tab above for the different type of projects we have completed.

We have worked on some of the major national monuments in the UK, large commercial buildings to small bridging projects.

We can also provide designs for Network Rail and London Underground requirements.

Some of the more specialised works we conduct are Power Line Crossings and Sealing Ends.

Tower of London

The Tower of London currently has a scheme to one of the further outer towers and ramparts. We have provided drawings to free standing temporary roofs with buttress and hoist tower with gantries for storage of stone materials and the contractors cabins.

Windsor Castle

Our designs have covered many areas of Windor Castle, including the Cannons Cloisters, Queens Stable Block, Private Apartments, Royal Libaray over the past 4 years for various scaffolding contractors.

We currently have two live projects on WIndsor Castle.

The schemes have had to consider the fabric of the building and the impact on the public and the Royal Household. One of our recently completed projects is shown below.


We were asked by the National Trust to provide a free standing scaffold design to allow for the replacement of the roof which had not been replaced for many years.

They used our design to obtain competitive comparable quotations from scaffolding contractors.

Due to the delicate nature of the brickwork to the building we could not tie so provided buttress's with kentledge to each elevation.

York Minster

We have been involved with several items at York Minster and have provided a design for the internal scaffold to the magnificent East Window to allow for the refurbishment of the stained glass and stonework.

The scaffold had to be designed to support a large sealed plywood face which was then covered with a screen of the previous glazing.

We also had to provide supports and propping to the stone mullions to allow other stones below to be removed and replaced.

The client also asked us to inspect the previously erected scaffolds on site to provide details to upgrade to current TG20:08 requirements.

Park Place, Henley

The Client required a temporary roof scheme to fully refurbish this buidling. This was a complex scaffold as it was L shaped and needed substantial spine beams and bridging to clear the lower roofs and support the scaffold roof

If you look closely you can see that this house was used for the filming of St Trinians 2.

Denford Park

This house had multiple varying spans using a system roof sheeting system and had to be free standing with buttress's.

We can provide plans, sections and elevations and the bonus of 3D isometric views.

We can provide designs for all forms of system roof, Layher, Haki, etc and with convention tube and fittings with corrugated iron sheets.

We currently have two live projects on WIndsor Castle.

The schemes have had to consider the fabric of the building and the impact on the public and the Royal Household. One of our recently completed projects is shown below.

We can provide scaffold designs and schemes for scaffolds to the Electricity supply industry, including Power Line Crossings and Sub Station works.

Line Crossings

We have provided designs and calculations to comply with the latest code for the supply of scaffold structures over roads, rails and rivers to allow for the replacement of the electrical conductors and earth wires.

Sub stations

We have also provided free standing scaffold design and tied scaffold enclosures for the replacement and renewal of sealing ends within the sub station. In some case we have provided free standing scaffold with kentledge as we could not fix to any structure or ground anchors in the Sub station.

We have provided schemes to several suspended access schemes to road, pedestrian and dock bridges to allow works to be conducted to the soffit of the existing or new bridge works

Southwark Bridge

We had to provide a scheme that provided access to the soffit and sides of the curved bridge for repair works and this had to be cantilevered from the footpaths and hung from the steels of the bridge. The deck had to be curved and fitted with plywood to prevent debris falling into the River Thames.

Shoreham Footbridge

The existing concrete footbridge had reached the end of its lift and was to be replaced with a new structure.The client required access to the new steelwork for formation of the concrete deck and this was formed with beams fixed and cantilevered from the steel structure. The beams where initially fixed on a barge and taken with the steels to the bridge location for each span. We also provided a scheme to the central span which rotates to allow access by vessels to the river.

East Farleigh Sluice Bridge

The client needed to repair and restore the steelwork to the sluice bridge and we provided a bridged scaffold to allow access to the roof and sides of the bridge frame.

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